Passion For A Purpose is proud to partner with Marbeh Chaim on our non-profit projects in the United States and Israel. Founded in 1991, Marbeh Chaim is a 501c3 non-profit organization and Israeli amuta devoted to teaching Torah, educating about Judaism and Jewish life, and facilitating the maturation of Jewish national life into a mutually appreciative, and intensely idealistic, symphony of beauty and light that makes the Creator proud. Since inception, the organization has produced and overseen a series of publications in Hebrew and English and has spearheaded a range of meaningful advocacy projects. The oversoul, or animating spirit, of Marbeh Chaim is to generate a pioneering energy to go wherever, do whatever, and embrace whoever shares this inspiration. In partnership with Passion For A Purpose, Marbeh Chaim supports a range of pro-Israel, Jewish, and Zionist causes seeking to advance the welfare of the Jewish people and the Jewish state. To learn more about joining the family of Marbeh Chaim projects, contact us here.